Our 'Ancient Texts' speak volumes on the great benefits of cow service, cow donation, donation of cow fodder and of 'Anusthans' done in a Gaushala. Gandhi VidyaMandir Gaushala (GVMG), Sardarsahar, Rajasthan brings an opportunity to become a 'Punyasheel Gau-Palak'.

यानि कानि च दुर्गाणि दुष्क्रतानिक्रतानि च। तरन्ति चैव पाप्मानं धेनुं ये ददति प्रभो।। (गवोपनिषद्)
'प्रभो! जो लोग (नवप्रसूतिका दूध देने वाली) गौ का दान करते हैं, वे जो कोई भी दुर्गम संकट आने वाले होते हैं उन सबसे, अपने किये हुए दुष्कर्मो से तथा समस्त पाप-समूह से भी तर जाते है। 

Become an esteemed patron of GVMG by donating Rs. 50,000/- for purchase of one milchRathi cow in your name. You can also gift a cow in the name of your near and dear ones. Along with this you will also have a choice to receive any one (of your choice) of the following:

  • 5 kg of pure ghee of Desi Raathi Cow every year for 5 years delivered at your home anywhere in India (upto 20 kg per year can be purchased at 15% discount)
  • 150 liters of milk (worth Rs. 7,500/-) will be donated in donor’s name to an orphanage every year for five year.
  • 5 kg of pure Desi Raathi Cow Ghee will be donated to an Orphanage in donor’s name every year for five years.
  • 500 liters of Buttermilk (Chhach) will be served free to ‘PaidalYatris’ walking to SALASAR or orphanage children, every year for 5 years.
  • Durga Sapshati Havan with full vidhividhan in Donor’s name once a year(any day as per Gaushala’s convenience) for 5 years will be conducted in Gaushala premises
  • Rudraabhishek with Desi cow milk and Ghee in Gaushala premises once a year (any day as per Gaushal’sconvienience) in Donor’s name 

Free one night stay (for two) at GVM guest house once a year (for 5 yrs). You can visit the Gaushala, serve cows, interact with the Children of the orphanage, visit temples, see IASE University campus, get treated at GVM Paanchkarmacenter (payment basis), go for desert safari and shop local handicrafts silver, wooden furniture and more.

Special DurgaSapshatiHavan or Rudra Abhishek with full vidhividhan only in Gaushala premises can also be done:

  • One day, as per GaushalConvinience– Rs. 7,500/-
  • Ten days, as per Gaushala’s Convinience – Rs. 60,000/-
  • Thirty days, as per Gaushala’s Convinience – Rs. 1,50,000/-
  • 365 days full year - Rs. 18,00,000/-
  • Special day pooja like Shivratri, Navratri, Holi, Diwali etc. - Rs. 20,000/-

Please donate generously to this cause. Initially donations for 100 milch cows will be accepted on first come basis.

Donation can be sent in the name of "Shree Gandhi Vidya Mandir Trust"
Bank A/c no. 33543437696
IFSC code – SBIN0010457
State Bank of India
Branch - Sardarshar
All Donations are exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
Contact: Himansu Dugar
Mobile: 9414086016, 9602411441 (whatsapp)